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Are you ready to build your own, chemical free backyard micro farm?

what are we all about?

Sustainable Agriculture Growing for the Future

U-Pick Farm

All of our U-Pick products are 100% Bio-Organically grown. Enjoy are selections of Strawberry, Blueberry, and Tomato plants when in season.

plant sales

Our plants are available for purchase so you can add them to your own garden or farm.

customer micro farms

We not only sell Bio-Organic growing products and plants. We can also come to your home and build you a micro farm to begin your own sustainable agriculture.

Farms for families

We are a proud supporter of the Non-Profit, Farms for Families

bio-organic farming at its finest

Florida Urban Organics is dedicated to leading the way in biological growing. Our experts are keen on the latest and best biological farming solutions, organic growing techniques, fertigation, commercial implementation, and much more. Whether you are a large scale farming operation or a stay at home mother looking to grow fresh organic produce, we encourage you to use our website as a learning tool to keep up to date on some of the most cutting edge techniques to produce higher yields, reduced growing time and overall better tasting food. One of the biggest controversial topics in organic farming is the presence of pesticides. People argue that pesticides are required to prevent crops from being attacked by diseases and bugs. The USDA has even gone as far certifying certain chemicals as “organic” approved. This means that even if you are buying certified organic strawberries there is still a very high chance that your food has been sprayed with some sort of chemical. Here at Florida Urban Organics we take a different approach to food production using NO chemicals or pesticides whatsoever on our crop.

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