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Biological Farming

Let’s learn about Biology

Biological Farming is based on the premise of growing the way God & nature intended. Over the years the growing process has been put to the test due to numerous diseases, greedy chemical companies, and even more so GMO’s. Throughout all this the growing process has been altered to a degree that is hurting traditional growers, commercial farmers and even your backyard grower. Soil composition is made up of millions of micro-organisms. These micro-organisms work to balance soil structure and assist in delivering nutrients to plants. Pesticides, herbicides and all sorts of chemical have been sprayed on land to accomplish many different goals but these applications have a tremendous negative effect on natural soil biology (killing micro-organisms). These have all been short term solutions to produce higher yield or save crops with seemingly no concern to the long term devastation to the environment, population, and economy.

Promoting Root Health

Biological Farming is an approach to food production that respects the natural processes in the farm or garden ecosystem being used in order to yield top quality products.

This exploding new trend is paving the way for the future of growing. This approach to growing is being proven to increase plant yields, prevent crippling diseases, speed up the growing process & save grower’s money on pesticides and fertilizers. At Florida Urban Organics we have engineered growing systems focused on helping nature and consumers alike. Through rigorous trials and applications we have seen unbelievable results. In fact, so unbelievable that when we tried to spread the word about our discovery to local farmers experiencing crippling obstacles with their farms, we were laughed at! Farmers were telling us to come back when we had believable projections for using our new systems! This fueled the creation of Florida Urban Organics, a biology driven organic farm.
Why isn’t everybody growing this way?
Many commercial growers in Florida have never even heard of biological farming practices. While being around for decades, biological farming has only become semi-mainstream within the last few years. For example, in states like California, biological farming has become so popular that legislation has been passed to make organic recycling mandatory statewide in order to help fuel worm farms like the one owned by WormGold creator George Hahn. His 100 acre worm farm boasts over 1 billion worms!

Check out the 2 biggest objections growers have to Biological Farming:

“So, you’re telling me that I can eliminate the use of all my fertilizers, pesticides & herbicides and still save money while seeing faster growing and healthier plants by up to 400%? This is to too good to be true! Why have I not heard about it before?”
“I have tried Biological Farming (or know somebody who has) and I didn’t see much of a result and it cost me a lot of money.”
These are very simple objections that could be valid. Let’s learn together.

Biological Farming is very new to the market and lacks video trials proving the results. At Florida Urban Organics we are doing the trials with money out of our pocket to help create the proof growers need to get educated about one of the most revolutionary growing trends to hit the market in the last century.

As for the 2nd objection, related to cost and lack of results we should discuss WormGold and it’s creator, George Hahn.  In a a lifetime dedicated to this industry, George Hahn, the creator of WormGold, has developed a proprietary biological farming product that is the basis for our growing methods. Using this product in our farming ecosystems we have seen the most unique and mind-blowing results we have never seen before anywhere in the world!

We have also been able to simplify the application process so that even a beginner grower can use this system to save time and money. If you’ve a bad experience with a biology-based farming solution in the past, we’d love to hear from you and discuss our findings and experiences! And don’t forget to ask us about our free trial program!